DIY hair extensions how to turn a wig into hair extensions

By: kabeilu  2015-02-04

Clip-in hair extensions are so fun to wear. They add length and thickness to any style without the permanence of gluing or weaving them in. If you find yourself dreaming about that perfect, thick, curled look you see on the red carpet, you can have it too! The majority of celebrities wear some sort of extensions. I’m a hair dresser, so I find myself making these all the time for clients and friends. They are so easy to make, so I figured it would share how to do it! Not only does it save money to make your own, but you can ensure they fit & match perfectly with your hair when you’re buying the materials yourself.

You will need:
4.6 feet of human hair wefts (we used 18″ hair & 5′ weft)
16 clip-in extension clips
Thread (we used white so it was easier to see for the tutorial, but you can match the thread to the hair and clips)
Buying the hair: First you have to buy the hair and clips. You can get the hair at a beauty supply/hair store that sells to the public. These beauty supply stores are crazy awesome and have so much fun stuff! I suggest you buy from here:, It’s a old and big suppliers company, which selling virgin human hair and the price is reasonable. The major I need is the quality is better then others. 
Making the extensions: Now that you have your hair, get your scissors & measuring tape out! You will need to cut several strips of hair. 
5 strips that are 5 1/2 inches long
1 strip that is 10 inches long
1 strip that is 18 inches long
Once you have all of your strips measured and cut, you will be folding them in half. By folding the hair in half it gives extra thickness to each clip of hair. Take a strip and fold it in half and simply sew the clip (with the teeth pointing down and away from the hair) into the weft.
The 5 1/2 inch strip (which becomes a 2 3/4 inch strip when folded) will have 2 clips on it, one on each end.
The 10 inch strip (5 inches when folded) will have 2 clips on it, one on each end.
The 18 inch strip (9 inches when folded) will have 3 clips, one on each end & one in the middle.