How to Cut the Lace on a Wig for Beginners Step By Step

By: kabeilu  2019-10-14

Lace wigs can give your comfortable and natural feeling when you wear them.
They also allow the wearers to personalize the look of the lace wig, including trimming the hair itself into a particular style and trimming the hairline of the wig's lace to make it fit the user perfectly.
Is your new silk top lace front wig already arrived? Before you wear a lace front wig, you should know you have a step you have to do, that is cut the lace.
Here,if you're new front lace wig unit has arrived and its time to prepare your new wig. Most wigs whether human or synthetic come with lace around the hairline that needs to be trimmed before wear.
If you don't know how to cut the lace wig, don't worry, this blog is to teach you how to cut the lace on a lace front wig.
Here we share methods of how to trim your lace front wig sew in.

What you need to prepare:

Supplies you'll need:
Scissors, some tweezers, a wig head (optional), wig clips and some patience.

First, gather your tools for cutting and styling your virgin hair lace front wig. You'll need some good scissors, some tweezers, a wig head (optional) and some patience. You may want to use some wig clips to pull the hair back if this is your first time, or you want to create your own baby hairs.

How To Trim A Lace Front Wig?
Step 1: Cut the corner close to ear off
Braid hair in cornrows or wrap hair around the head with a brush or comb. Braiding or wrapping hair allows the wig to sit on your head evenly. Cover the hair with a wig cap to avoid aggravation from the wig base, causing further breakage to your hair. The wig base can rub against thinner hair strands around your head which can cause hair breakage.

Step 2:Adjust the wig until to fits your head.
Place the 100 virgin human hair wig on your head. Adjust the straps at back of the front lace wig until it completely fits your head. Brush the hair with a wig brush to detangle.Stand in front of a mirror with the front lace wig on head. Adjust the wig again until it fits on your head perfectly.

Step 3:Secure the lace on the forehead.
Secure the lace so that it rests flat on the forehead. Make sure the lace base is even with your natural hairline.Place a ruler against the lace in a vertical position. Start on the left side of the lace where the front lace wig hair and lace meet. Place a small dot with a pen at the 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch of the lace front. The extra length is left to prevent loss of the hairline if the lace begins to fray and needs to be cut off.

Step 4:Connect the dots with a line across the wig.
Repeat this step above until you reach the end of the lace. Connect the dots with a line across the front lace wig.

Step 5:Take the wig off.
Take the wig off. Remove loose strands from the pre plucked lace front wig. Lay the front lace wig down on the table.

Step 6: Cut lace into sections
Cut the lace with scissors along the line you created with the dots. Do not leave pen marks on the lace.