Silk base closure install - Steps From Hair Experts

By: KBL Hair  2018-11-19

Wearing wig is not new for people. But most of the people hesitated in wearing wig earlier. Because earlier it is easy to identify installed hair. But Nowadays it is difficult to distinguish which is natural hair and which is wig. This is all because of closures. Closures help your installed hair look natural by covering your scalp properly. So nowadays closures make easy for people to use extensions for their daily hairstyles. Even extensions allow you to make desire style without harming your natural hair. You can colour it and so much more according to your desire..

Silk base closure is more famous among ladies who use extensions. This is because of its thickness and durability. They are made of thick materials which make difficult for people to see your natural scalp underneath. It also gives you more natural looking scalp. Which provides you with the smooth and natural experience.

To get the smooth and natural look using silk base closure it is imperative to follow right silk base closure install process. But most of us are not familiar with a right step for silk base closure install. We received queries regarding the same problem. So our hair expert team did a research and found out the one stop solution for your silk base closure install.

Before moving to steps for installation let me clear you how to choose right silk base closure?
Silk base closure is made of transparent lace materials. They are divided into three part. The first one is “one part closures” it has parting in the centre. It comes in 4X4 inches area. The second one is “freestyle silk base closure” it is made of the realistic hairline, which can be easily parted from anywhere. It is very versatile because it depends on you, want parting in your hairstyle or not. It works in both ways. The third one is “three-part closure” which more in demand because this type of silk base closure allows you the versatility of changing parting at any time with ease. Middle, left and right parts all at your convenience on a 5X4 closure.

The length of the closure depends on the look you want to achieve, and the length of your natural hair is. We suggest you buy closure which should shorter in length of the rest of your hair.

Follow the below steps for silk base closure install to create natural look hair styles with your extensions.
Comb your hair into vertical cornrows. At the top centre of your crown place 2 by 4 or 3 by 4 size silk base closure in the spot where you want to attach it.

Make two horizontal braids that keep running from the inside front of your scalp to the back divided a few inches separated and four inches in length. Also, mark this space. On the top of the horizontal braids, place the silk-base hair closure. Use two hairpins to hold the base closure against your head, one at the front and one at the back of the closure.

Insert two curved threading needles into the braided hair beneath the front of the base closure, and make sure thread natural or synthetic hair through the needle's eyes. Thread a lock sew into the correct front side of the silk-based closure to append it to head. Slid the needle through the silk base to make a bolt fasten, and after that, you can make a loop with the hair, slide the needle back through the loop to bolt the loop into put. Rehash this process two times. From that point forward, change to one side of the closure. Utilize the bent threading needle to sew three lock stitches to one side of the closure. Backpedal to the correct side and rehash this procedure. Continue sewing. Each time, utilize three lock stitches. Alternate side to side until you attach entirely the closure. If necessary, you can unbraid hair or sew in extensions to the rest of the head. Thus the extensions blend with the closure naturally that eventually create a seamless look.

Above steps are easy to perform and if you feel any difficulties in implementing above steps ask your hair expert to do for you. T1hair brings you the best in quality silk base closures for your daily hairstyle visit store now. Feel free to share your thoughts in the given below comment box.