How to install or remove clip-in hair

By: Lisa  2017-11-20

With the increasing number of wigs, the use of clips continue to emerge, the clip hair in other types of hair use to better reflect its advantages, make up the curtains can not be arbitrarily disassembled shortcomings, by more and more black women of all ages.

Install clip-in hair extension
1.Use your comb to brush your hair
2.Comb the hair on top of her head with a clip
3.Comb the clip-in hair
4.The bottom did not tie the hair, separated by 2 layers
5.Bring the clip hair, fixed with a clip and comb
6.Use a small clip A fixed on both sides of the left and right ears
7.Disperse the top hair, wear a clip hair clip fixed, combing the hair
8.After combing comb again
9.Extra short hair, can be placed behind the ear.

Remove clip-in hair extensions
Remove one clip at a time. Squeeze the clip and gently pull it away from your natural hair. Hold your natural hair against your scalp to prevent pulling or stressing your roots. Be careful not to let the clip snap on your fingers if the teeth are sharp.

Work in sections around your head if you have more than one clip in.

When reapplying clip-in extensions, be sure to reposition them in different spots on your head. This will allow your scalp to relax from any wear and tear.

Take out temporary extensions before sleeping or showering. Remove clip-in extensions before bed because they will cause your scalp discomfort, even on the softest pillow. Also, if your temporary extensions cannot be washed with regular shampoo or conditioner like natural hair, always be sure to take them out before showering.

Lay your extensions out on a towel overnight or hang them up so that they stay straight.

Comb your fake hair once it’s removed to prevent any tangling in storage.