Kabeilu hair,Let you become the real queen's hair

By: yuan  2017-07-06

kabeilu hair

The origin of the wig:
As early as the ancient Egyptian era, when the ancient Egyptian men had to shave their heads, all exempted from wearing wigs, ancient Egypt in four thousand years began to use wigs, is the world's first use of wigs nation, and wig Europe.

Spring and Autumn Period, the wig began to popular in China, and now wig swept the world, and each person wearing wigs are different needs.

Mainly to black women wearing wig as the main object, the black hair of the original hair, thread hair, not easy to grow, and naturally not easy to take care of, and because the real hair made of wig products realistic, durable and beautiful features, just make up for black female hair Is the first choice for black women; wigs become indispensable necessities for black woman life.

The meaning of remy is Raw,non process,which is the best grade hair.Where can I get remy hair?Of course it is kabeilu;Most of hair sold in the hair marketing was not remy, was collecting from different donors. After processed, the hair looks silk and luster. A few weeks or months later, will get shed and frizz. The reason is the cuticles are not from same direction.So you got what you paid for.And kabeilu hair is purely natural without any treatment, each bundle of hair from a person's head cut, not mixed with any impurities, hair length consistent, easy to care and durable.

Kabeilu hair is divided into 4 categories,namely Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and Malaysian hair,including:Hair weave,Lace closure,Lace frontal,full lace wig and clip-in hair.

Hair weave:
The curtain is the raw material for hair and wig, and can be edited directly to the head

Lace closure
Weaving in the head, in order to reflect the top of the hair full of accessories, while displaying the natural hairline, with the curtains with the use of products.

Lace frontal:
use the same way with the hair block, but can cover the head and forehead, and can show a better bangs effect,and with the use of curtain products.

Full lace wig:
flexible rear elastic band, can adapt to a variety of sizes of the head type. Used for large area cover or renewal.

Clip-in hair:
the original hair on the basis of free to extend and replace the different shapes, easy to use.

hair cleaning and daily caring
1. warm water soaked, wipe the hair gently hair to the bubble
2. Wash the water from the beginning to the end of the bubble (curly hair need to use your fingers or call with a large card comb hair and then wash)
3. Gentle smear conditioner, 2-3 minutes after the water wash
4. big teeth comb comb, natural dry or blower cold air dry, to avoid the use of hot air
5. hair 7 into the dry use of elastic force to grasp the curl hair volume (curly hair for this step)

daily care:
1. Open the curtain correctly to avoid knotting
2. Hair comb: finger or wide mouth comb gently comb
3. Modeling: consulting stylist, conditioner hair care
4. Dye: Before dyeing, warm water to wash hair
5. Regularly spray nutrient solution, apply hair cream essence to nourish hair roots
6. After swimming treatment: wear rubber swimming cap, wash immediately after swimming

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