Wig care method

By: yuan  2017-06-29

wigs care
Before you prepare: 1. Need to prepare a massage comb, shampoo, care solution.
2. First check the wig cap, followed by comb comb wig, to ensure supple.

When cleaning: 1. First use warm water
2. Put the shampoo and wigs and evenly wash them
3. soak for two minutes, put clean water clean
Care and dry: 1. put shampoo milk
2. Put the wig in the wash and use the comb during the comb
3. Finally put it dry, if necessary, choose to use a hair dryer

kabeilu wigs Storage method
Short-term collection: wig no time along the original hair will hair comb, and then set in the hair frame, long hair position naturally hanging.

Long-term collection: long-term do not wear, the first comb comb, spray on the wash care solution, naturally dry, into the box, to avoid stress. Placed in a dry place to save.