The different between KBL Closure and XBL Closure

By: yuan  2017-01-18

The different between KBL Closure and XBL Closure

Before I Write this article, I have compared KBL’s closure and another company XBL’s closure.
I learnt the difference and share with you today.


Analysis point KBL XBL Experiences from KBL Experiences from XBL
Quality of Hair 100% Virgin hair Mixed hair 100%Virgin hair Feel real,soft; can be dyed or bleached, take color very well;Last Longer,2-3 year
Lace Net

Swiss ear lace,Hight
Density,bear 180 Degrees temperature

Common lace,
no ear,
Low density

Swiss ear lace is strong Practicability;
more Confortable;
Fuller ends

The extra lace need
to cut Off,
otherwise will no Comfortable;thinner

Edge clay technology Reinforcement Reinforcement Easy to sew; fastness

Lace not ear
easy get loose

Hand-made technology Soomth lace net lace net is irregular Comfortable,beautiful Different density,not beauty