Prevent split ends

By: Mark-42  2016-12-03

prevent split ends

I'll wager that nobody like hair split ends,In modern society,people are increasingly concerned with image, split ends will destroy the image it is hard to be accept.Split ends are caused by a number of factors, including overuse of heat, styling abuse, stress or environmental factors. The hair will become cracked and will “split” upwards along the strand, resulting in frayed or brittle ends.Split ends are hard to repair.But you can do something in order to prevent split ends.In this article,I will give you a introduction how to prevent split ends.
1.Cut your impaired hair
Although hair split ends is irresistible.But Pruning in good time can prevent split ends, If you ignore them, the more shaft of the hair will split and lead to more split ends.Cut your impaired hair that was the best way to prevent split ends.
2.Try to avoid dye or perm
Somebody devoted to change their hairstyle,they offen dye and perm.however They did not know that heat treatments are a major cause of damage and split ends.frequently dye and perm although you can get a new hairstyle but It's not worth it.
3.Useing hair conditioner
Don't look down upon hair conditioner,It is excellent for revitalizing dry, lifeless hair.Hair conditioner is rich in vitamins and minerals.It can repair the damage effectively.
4.Eat a balanced diet
Make sure to eat the recommended amounts of vitamins and protein to ensure that your body produces the healthiest hair possible.Healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids can also help keep your hair whole and shiny.Vitamin E is particularly useful. Vitamin E can be found in many foods, such as nuts, seeds, avocado, vegetable oils, some leafy greens, and some fish.