Hair Weft put on the cleaning of the nine steps

By: yuan  2016-11-15

Hair weft put on the cleaning of the nine steps
How to clean Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Malaysian Hair Weft?
The method is very simple, let me teach you.
1. Wash before the first comb, to reduce breaking and knot.
2. Bathing shower down to wet hair, take appropriate shampoo.
3. Gently massage the hair, try to avoid shampoo and hair root contact.
4. Use your fingers to separate the hair on both sides, the palm of the foam to gently massage the
movement of both sides of the hair to reduce fracture.
5. Rinse the scalp, take a small amount of shampoo with the palm of your hand massage again gently rub clean.
6. In the hair wipe a small amount of coconut oil, cold water wash - help repair the cuticle, supple shiny.
7. Gently separate the hair by hand, comb with a wide mouth comb to ensure that the hair is not knotted.
8. After combing, with a towel tap to absorb moisture, do not wrap the hair with a towel.
9. Remove the towel and allow the hair to dry naturally.