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How to keep our hair shiny and soft throughout the summer?

In the hot summer sun, the sun how to hurt the hair you can not feel it, but your hair is burned in the sun, just like your skin; Secondly, has damaged or processed hair will be more vulnerable to the sun damage.
1) Wash your hair before and after swimming at the beach. Water contains chlorine ions that react to sunlight to discolour your hair. If wet hair swims again, it absorbs less chlorine.
2) Use hair sunscreen. The hair needs to be protected just like your skin. In the hot sun, your hair is easily sunburned, causing roughness, just as if you were using hot hair to dry the hair.
3) Cool your thermal tool. Stop using hot air drying hair, choose natural air dry, use the hair stick, to ensure that the temperature can not overheat, while staying in the hair time can not be too long,
otherwise it is easy to damage the stratum corneum damage hair, resulting in rupture and passivation color.
How to repair a damaged?
After the sun, the use of moisturizing the hair of the hair, add protein to the hair, because in the sun exposure or swimming hair protein is weakened, which makes the hair becomes more dry, elastic decline, and broken; Week for hair care treatments to keep hair healthy and lock in moisture.