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By: kabeilu  2015-02-10

Questions and responses to provide clarity on hair extensions methods

1:What is the difference between Hair Weaving and Strand by Strand Hair Extensions?
"Hair weaving is a braided method in which weft hair is sewn and attached to cornrows. This method works great on African American or coarse texture hair. Although, Hair Culture does both methods they do not recommend hair weaving for European hair due to the maintenance, time and cost to clients for upkeep. European hair needs to be cleaned multiple times a week and the braids don't hold without possible tangling and or damage. Non damaging strand by strand extensions such as micro link extensions would be recommended."
2:How long do they both last in hair?
"African American hair can keep a hair weave in for 2 months before it needs to be taken out. European Hair 3 weeks before they will need maintenance. Hair Extensions Micro link extensions is the same for European or African American clients. They don't need to come in for 2 months for maintenance."
3:How long does hair weaving or hair extension last?
"Weft hair that is used in hair weaving comes in various qualities, lasting 1-3 months before purchasing new hair. Micro link hair last 9-12 months and comes in all hair types."
4:Does hair extensions or strand by strand use glue or damaging heated tools?
"Micro linking does not use heat, glue or chemicals. Therefore there is no damage. There are various tips in strand by strand. Keratin uses heat to attach extension to hair. Micro link uses a micro bead the same color as your hair. Makes it invisible in the hair. There is a method of micro links to use on men and women who are balding in crown area of head or have alopecia. Our clients hair grows and gets healthier while in extensions. Micro link is not Fusion."
5:Can you color hair with both methods grays and highlights?
6:Which does Hair Culture recommend more and why?
"Hair Extensions of Atlanta recommend strand by strand Hair extensions more. Its natural looking and you can wear pony tails. We are committed to educating people on which method is appropriate for hair and lifestyle. A secret for African Americans is coarser hair when wet swells and holds the link tighter than European hair. Strand by strand or I-Tip hair makes a person look 10 years younger. At Hair Extensions of Atlanta in JohnsCreek, we blend the hair to look natural. Our clients are professionals, entertainers and housewives wanting an anti-aging look. The confidence after extensions in our clients about their appearance is a miracle to behold. They can also maintain their hair at home with very little maintenance."