Colored hair extensions for short hair on pinterest

By: kabeilu  2015-02-04

Hair extensions are great for adding tones of length to our hair and basically making us feel like an honorary Carpathian whipping our weave back n forth- but for thin haired gals like our Editor Lizzie, they can be a bit of a pain. Having tried clip-in hair extensions numerous times before, hoping for a bit more length and loads more volume - Sugarscaper Lizzie had sworn off them, complaining that you could always see the clips and they were forever slipping out because her hair was "way too fine to hold hair extensions." So, we tried again and again to perfect the application and came up with a fool proof way of using clip-in hair extensions to add volume, bounce and mega va-va-voom for thin-haired gals.

1) Starting off with a pack of hair extensions (we used Sleek's Clip-In Hair Couture 100% Remy Extensions) lay out all the "wefts" (individual hair strands) so you can see what you're working with.
2) Section your own hair, so you've got a small, thin section at the nape of your neck loose. Taking a tail comb, (or other small hairbrush) backcomb the roots of your own hair. This is majorly important for thin haired girls - as it not only adds volume, but also gives the clip-ins something to grip on to - so that they don't slide out.
3) Clip in the smallest weft to the backcombed roots of your hair. The release another section and repeat the process - backcombing the roots, and then clipping in a slightly larger weft.
4) Continue this process until you're about three quarters of the way through and then SHHHTAAAAP. We found if you don't add extensions through the top layers, they're way less visible through any tell-tale thin bits.
5) Instead of adding more clip-ins through the top layers, backcomb small sections at the roots and smooth over the top for a fuller finish.