Keratin bond hair extensions

By: kabeilu  2015-01-31
I love Keratin bond hair and Brazilian &pSince I'm on a daily morning show on VH1, 'The Gossip Table,'and constantly going to red carpet events, I love having long, But unfortunately, I have very fine hair and even though I love the ember look, I don't like coloring my hair! That's why 'fillers' are the best options and they're the least damaging kind of extensions on your hair. Trust me, I've tried it all!
It's hardly a new concept, but many people are just catching on to the realization that longer, thicker, shinier hair is now attainable in minutes. Yes, minutes, thanks to tape-in hair extensions. I've been wearing them for about three years now, and I can attest that they're low-maintenance, look incredibly natural, won't damage your hair during application or removal—and of course, give me the long cascading waves I've always dreamed of. Here's how they work.
My favorites is keratin bond hair extensions, which are made up of three components. There are the individual strands of extension hair, the liquid keratin bond, and the double-sided adhesive. The liquid keratin bond is used to marry small batches of extension hair together. The double-sided adhesive is then used to adhere the keratin bond to your natural hair. Natural hair is typically sandwiched between two of these extension pieces.”While tab or tape-in extensions have been around for some time, the bonds previously used were weak and the hair quality inconsistent,"
Keratin bond hair extension is very excellent, now,Keratin bond hair is my choose,however,some of my friends choose Brazilian and peru hair,i also very degreed,because different guys have different characteristic.