Curly weave hair styles with side bangs

By: kabeilu  2015-01-31

Curly hair tends to have a mind of its own, which drives many women to simply straighten their naturally beautiful locks. So, what's the secret to embracing your curls? TODAY asked three experts for tips on maintaining strands without getting into a hair holy war.

The solution: "Stay away from shampoo," said Arson Gurgov, stylist at Louis Liars salons. Only shampoo the scalp about once a week and only use warm water and conditioner on other days, he suggested. Additionally, Gorgon said the right cut makes all the difference when it comes to volume.

The solution: "Apply products to wet hair for maximum absorption," said Cynthia Alvarez, Dove Hair's stylist. "That way, while you're drying your hair, it's absorbing all of the product and won't just sit on your hair and weigh it down." Alvarez also suggests switching to a micro-fiber towel instead of terry cloth. "It's gentler on the hair and helps dry your hair faster without creating frizz," she said.

The solution: "Never rub or rough it up with a towel," said Cozy Friedman, founder of Cozy's Cuts for Kids. "That upsets the cuticle, which causes frizz." Her secret tip? "Leave in a little conditioner on the ends in the bath for added hydration."