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By: kabeilu  2015-01-31

Do you like wearing your hair in a ponytail? I do too.I usually fancy up my ponytail by wrapping a section of hair around the base of the ponytail. It looks much neater and cooler.

Ponytail extensions, whether clip in or wrap around are one of the easiest ways to change your hair style. These clever extensions come in a huge variety of lengths, and can be wavy, curled or poker straight. Ponytails can be the perfect hair solution for work, nights out & formal occasions, which is why many people chosen it. 
How to make a side ponytail ?

First, Add shine serum or spray to your hair. You want your hair to look soft yet shiny for this style, so add a small amount of product designed to enhance your hair's shine before you begin.

Second, Create a deep side part. It's up to you on which side of your face you want to make your part. Most people's hair falls naturally to one side over the other. For a natural look, go with your natural part. If you'd like a bit more volume at the top of your head, part your hair on the opposite side.

Third, Gather your hair to the opposite side of your part. For example, if you've parted your hair on the left side, gather your hair to the right side.

Fourth, Secure your side-ponytail with an elastic low behind your ear. Choose an elastic that matches your hair, and consider wrapping the elastic with a thin piece of hair (secure the end with a hidden bobby-pin).

Fifth, Make the finishing touches. Straighten your ponytail with a flat-iron if you have straight (or mostly straight) hair; this will make your strands even more sleek and shiny. For wavy or curly hair, use a cream to define and add separate your curls.