Cortisol VS Peruvian hair

By: kabeilu  2015-01-20

It is said that in 1500 years ago, people who live in peru were stressful. Using modern forensic technology and a decidedly modern understanding of biochernistry,reserchers from The University of Western Ontario have taken a look at stress levels in precolombian peru,they found that stress has not only there final secrets,but an understanding of there life for a few years before they shuffied off this mortal coil.

When we get stressed,our bodies release a chemical known as cortisol,which will appears in our blood,our urine,and even our hair.Of these three,hair is only one stands the test of over 1000 years of time.People feel more stress, the cortisol will be increased. In the ancient time, peruvian hair has a high cortisol,but now,peruvian hair is become more popular,because peruvian hair have many good characteristics.For example: luster,tenacity,and can keep a long use. The life for Peruvian hair can last 1 or 2 years. Why people in that period suffered such a big stress,i don't know,maybe it concern many.What i need to do is in this period,we need to relax our body under a such fierce competition soecity.There are many ways that you can choose, it depend on yourself.

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