Eat cereal efficient nutrition your hair

By: kabeilu  2014-12-03

Brazilian Hair Bundles some are rich in B vitamins, trace elements and protein foods have a role in prevention and treatment of early white hair. Professor of Dermatology Hospital of Hubei Province, said Ming, director of skin first, rice, millet and other cereals contain carbohydrates in addition to providing energy for the body, but also a major source of B vitamins, Brazilian Hair Bundles also have a good nutritional effects. Less consumption of staple foods of modern people, the saying goes: "Well Valley prosper, lost valley will perish." Change the status of the staple food, an obvious hazard that led to a lack of vitamin B1, and thus also for our hair growth and nourish posed a threat. In general, an adult daily intake of food at least not less than 300 grams. Of course, promote hair growth and other nourishing foods are: a variety of animal liver, milk, fish, sesame seeds, walnuts, peanuts, bananas, eggs, beans, wolfberry, kelp, seaweed, dates, fleece-flower root, black beans, yams, etc. as well as tomatoes, potatoes, spinach and other fresh vegetables and fruits.