Best indian hair

By: shams  2017-10-23

In India, hair is donated at temples as part of a religious ritual. Individuals who participate in this process do so voluntarily as a sacrifice to the presiding deity, and without any expectations of a monetary compensation. Temple authorities then sell the collected hair to extension manufacturers, and the funds collected from the shaved hair are used for the well-being of the community that participates in this process. In addition, hair extension companies provide much needed employment opportunities for many within the area.

Before the hair extension industry came into being, this hair was merely discarded as trash. The next time you buy Indian hair - you can do so with a clear conscience, and with the understanding that your purchase is also helping those who are less fortunate.

However,in China,kabeilu best indian hair is cut from the same donor's head,the hair has not been processed,the hair is cheap,not knotted,can be perm and dyed,and our curtains are made through 8 steps,Strict production monitoring,to ensure that each customer to provide the best quality hair.