Woman Black Hair Tips

By: Gary  2017-09-02

Effective black hair care strategies can involve everything from an accurate scalp health assessment to proper combing techniques, as well as the use of appropriate hair care products.

Moisture Tips
Keeping ethnic hair moisturized can be difficult. One hint that more moisture is needed is when dry hair snaps easily when stretched.
1.Use moisturizing shampoo,moisturizes and cleanses the hair without stripping it, leaving strands dry and rough.
2.Use herbal essence conditioner, or organic raw material shea butter repair moisturizing hair, improve hair quality.
Weekly deep conditioning is something that black hair can benefit from. Adding honey to a deep conditioner,can enhance benefits.

Adding oils into a hair regimen will assist with moisture retention. (Note: oils do not moisturize, they only help to seal in moisture.)
1.You can try to use Olive oil as moisture hair products.
2.The oil can also be used for heat treatment.

Moisture Overload
People sometimes over-moisturize to avoid receiving breakage from dryness, but this can create another problem. Adding too much moisture will strip and weaken the protein in the hair, which will actually lead to breakage. To keep an an eye out for moisture overload, examine hair strands when they are wet. If they feel stringy and spongy and they snap after stretching, protein needs to be added.

Add Protein
While protein products should not be used every day, they are beneficial when your hair is over-moisturized.
Keep in mind, though, that while protein is good for hair, adding too much can lead to the hair becoming dry and brittle. Use it only when needed, as over-doing it can actually do more harm than good.

Restore Balance
When one is able to stretch the hair and it returns back to its normal shape without snapping, protein and moisture balance has been restored. This can be achieved by alternating between moisture and protein products.