Virgin brazilian hair

By: yuan  2017-07-13

kabeilu hair

Wigs and hair extensions is a very common fashion accessories, is the majority of women pursuit.There are many types of wigs, and hair extensions are no exception, hair extensions common types are Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair and malaysian hair, but the woman who buy hair extension, you know in these types of hair also hidden in a big secret? That is virgin brazilian hair,the most females surprised hair.

Females,when you smell chemicals through hair that clams to always be "Virgin" hair need to turn round and head for the door.Virgin brazilian hair was supposed to always be unprocessed.This means that the hair you will get is the natural hair coloring and texture from top of the head to bundle.Nowadays, Nowadays, most of the hair extension suppliers want to earn huge profits, hair head of the first donor to collect and then processed, the processed hair becomes more shiny, but the use of hair after a few weeks began to fall off, deformation , Because the hair cuticle caused by inconsistencies.

Virgin brazilian hair is chemical unprocessed human hair from single donated from Brazilian collected,can free dyes,perms,bleaches and hard washes.All hair hair scales in the same direction, smooth hair does not knot, hair thickness consistent, hair length, color is similar, no noise hair, good integrity.Our virgin hair is remy hair.This means the hair gathered from the head of donors using a method designed to keep the hairs cuticles in proper alignment.So,a result,the hair remains softer and silkier.