kabeilu clip-in hair

By: yuan  2017-07-01
With the increasing number of wigs, the use of clips continue to emerge, the clip hair in other types of hair use to better reflect its advantages, make up the curtains can not be arbitrarily disassembled shortcomings, by more and more black women of all ages.

The clip is made of aluminum as the raw material of the shelf, and the hair is made of high quality Brazilian hair, which can help the user to extend and replace the different shapes on the basis of the original hair, and can become more full.

High-quality pure Brazilian real hair for the raw materials, hair soft, do not knot hair loss; wave is very flexible and easy to straighten, can be hot and repeatedly dyeing and dyeing, to meet the different shapes of customers, in addition kabeilu clip hair, we choose Excellent hair in the cleaning and hot dyed after still remain shiny and soft, under normal protection under the service life even as high as 2 years.

Kabeilu use aluminum as a clip of raw materials, the clip is not easy to rust is not easy to deformation, and solid; with qualified raw materials as a clip, not because the customer switch too many times to be damaged, with removable more convenient.