Brazilian hair is amazing

By: yuan  2017-06-20

Brazilian hair is amazing

Women's demand for wigs in addition to the characteristics of the natural beauty, but also by the social, historical,cultural,physical and other aspects of your influence.

From the rigid characteristics of racial characteristics,the wig is indispensable to the necessities of black life,but from the real hair of the material value and production process,the expensive price is black life can not get a luxury,so black women as long as the economic conditions,may be from the juvenile period began to wear wigs.

Physically,the prevalence of alopecia in black women is significantly higher than that of white women,so that black women have a greater demand for wigs, mainly due to the large demand for Brazil.

Kinky hair and braids from the African tribes,has a very far-reaching tradition,and are consistent with the black hair characteristics.But in the impression of European women, this hairstyle gives dirty feeling.

With the rise of African women's trade,black women's hair began to be affected by Europe and the United States. As Europe and the United States women's popular hairstyle is straight and curly hair-based,as a strong cultural status of the natural influence of the black women's habits; Due to a variety of historical and cultural reasons make black women's hair tend to European and American women's popular hairstyle changes,and the wig in a convenient way to meet this demand.Wigs not only save the complex process of hair and hair perm,more variation of women in daily life care,and in style and style of black women tend to choose Europe and the United States women's popular straight hair and curls.Brazilian hair relative to the Peruvian cheap,suitable for the majority of black women's consumption,this is the wig in black women very popular reason.

Of course,with the continuous development of society, women's beauty with the economic level of the increase to enlarge, even with their own hair will consider their own women to buy wigs as a tool to change the image at any time.
Why black women will choose kbl Brazilian hair, because kbl Brazilian hair is amazing