Do you wear all kinds of wigs

By: yuan  2017-06-09

Do you wear all kinds of wigs?

Hair weft wearing steps:

1. First, the original hair weaving attached to the head.
2. Cover the scalp with a breathable net and sew it to breathe and protect the scalp.
3. Open the curtains, or cut the hair wefts according to the guests' head style.
4. Sew the open curtain with a crochet on a knitted hair bundle.
5. Use your hair or small hair block cover traces, and finally do hair styling.

The method of wearing a wig:

1. First wear the net
2. Use glue or double-sided adhesive in the forehead and hair section (do not glue the whole lace cap can omit this step)
3. Wear a cap to hold the net and adjust the best position
4. pruning more out of the hair network

Note: the difference between the hair weft and the wig
1.The need for technical sewing with a needle on the head
2. need to wear every day, detachment than the hair sets a little inconvenient
3. The curtain is made of sewing machine


1. Can be directly by adjusting the belt with the head, you can also use the glue tape more intact
2. Daily detachable, more convenient
3. The wigs needs to be stitched by hand

Clip-in hair way of wearing:

1. From the bottom, the bottom will not tie the hair, separate 2 layers
2. Hold the clip with a clip and hold it with a clip
3. Use a small film clip fixed on both sides of the left and right ears
4. spread the top of the hair, put on a clip with a clip fixed live, comb hair
5. After the completion of the comb can be combed again
6. Excessive short hair can be placed behind the ear