Knowledge about wigs

By: yuan  2017-06-01

Knowledge about wigs

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At present, people sometimes use the wig in daily life. Some people want to save hair care, change the hair of the time, will wear a wig to convert different hair style. Hair loss or hair sparse people will use the wig to make their hair look more dense, some of which are designed for local hair loss is set for the local hair; wigs make up for the lack of hair.

Wig of material:

There are many materials that can be used to make wigs, different materials will be used in different areas, and certain wigs for specific purposes are also specified. Modern wigs In addition to traditional natural materials, there are some chemical fibers such as nylon, glass fiber, rayon and other materials. Because the synthetic synthetic hair has been stereotyped treatment, so you can comb brush, you can also spray hair spray, easier to care. Of course, there are some real hair and human hair mixed. People made on the hair and no blunt hair black hair best, can be dyed into different colors and easier to shape. Some advanced man made in the appearance, feel, color, sag, and so no less than true, but some low-end wig appears rough, distortion, but also intimidating, shorter life expectancy.

Many people in developed areas have perm, hair, used to make wigs in the Chinese mainland, India and Southeast Asia and other developing areas in India, Hindus often donate their hair to show devout, hair products market Most of the origin of the hair from India; and its regional wig production also have real hair material.

Wig common sense.
Care and maintenance:

1. Try not to close to high temperature (in addition to specify the high temperature wire);
2. Chemical fiber wig can not be dyed, if you need to trim the professional stylist can be trimmed hairstyle; real hair material according to the hair quality of free dyeing or bleaching;
3. Combing action to light. Wig sets should be combed before use, wear a wig after a little to be combed on it. Combing wigs generally use the more sparse comb as well, combing the wig when the use of oblique side of the card method can not be straight comb, and the action should be light;
4. Try not to use hair clips. In order to prevent the wind to wipe the wig, some people like to use a hairpin to hold the wig. However, the hair can not be too hard. Otherwise, easy to hook the wig of the net sets. Therefore, it is best not to use hairpins, can be used in the wig on the use of decorative hair band fixed to live;
5. In the process of finishing a small amount of hair loss and knotting is a normal phenomenon, you can use conditioner for care;
6. Usually do not wear on the original packaging, to prevent damp moldy, to take when the light rejection about to restore the original;
7. Relatively long wigs when the wig should be divided into a few paragraphs, from the bottom up comb, must be light, have patience;
8. If the wig with a long knot bad comb do not pull hard, should be sprayed with wigs dedicated non-oily maintenance solution and then slowly carefully open;
9. Be careful not to spray jelly on the wig, hair wax and the like really use the styling agent so that the wig will become sticky;
10.The use of wigs for non-oily maintenance solution (the use of the method is also very simple: before gently spray a few on the wig can be) can make the wigs become supple and light and to prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moisturizing state Like the time just to buy back!

Wig cleaning

1. Try not to close to high temperature (in addition to specify the high temperature wire);
2. Chemical fiber wig can not be dyed, if you need to trim the professional stylist can be trimmed hairstyle; real hair material according to the hair quality of free dyeing or bleaching;
3. False hair is generally about 1-2 months to wash 1 times;
4. Cold water or warm water cleaning, can be used conditioner care your hair;
5. Wash the fake hair as much as possible do not use the hair dryer and other high-temperature wind dry, apply dry towel gently dry fake hair on the excess water and then ventilated to avoid direct sunlight on the false hair damage;
6. After washing do not immediately comb the fake hair should be so fake hair dry after combing;
7. The use of false hair comb, such as wide teeth comb;
8. The volume of hair basically do not use the comb, the volume of each place with a good hand after finishing it, if you really want to comb, be sure to use a wide tooth comb.

Wearing wigs

Wearing wigs generally do not cause allergies, but those who are more sensitive to the constitution is best not to wear. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head, had dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases, if people wear wigs, may make the disease worse, to wait for skin disease completely good and then wear. In addition, the summer weather is hot, wearing a wig adverse perspiration, so the wearer in the selection of wig should be selected good quality wig, preferably with breathable network, and should not wear for a long time.
How do girls wear wigs naturally, pretty? First of all should be their hair with a head cover, so as not to reveal their hair, especially the bangs. If you use wigs, pay attention to the color and their true color of the same, do not out of touch.

Wigs are often used to comb the dust on the wig, and must be cleaned regularly. After the wig cleaning with a dry towel dry, and then blown dry or put on the bracket to dry naturally, so that is conducive to health, but also can extend the life of the wig.

Wig collection should also be washed on the stent, to avoid folding.

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