Why choose to buy KaBeiLu hair

By: yuan  2017-03-21

KaBeiLu Trading Co., Ltd. is a company that insists on doing high quality real hair, take brand route and long-term planning, we sell hair are real virgin hair, each bundle of hair directly from a donor's head cut, a bunch of hair All the hair from a donor, not mixed with other magazines hair;hair do not do any chemical treatment, all the hairs in the same direction; hair thickness consistent with the length of similar hair, easy to break, knot.
Raw materials:
Each hair feeding more than 100g, generally about 105g. The reason is that in the whole curtain production process, the hair will have a certain loss.
In order to ensure the quality of our curtains finished products, hair weight to ensure that there are 90g-100g, so the raw material of the curtain
material is very adequate, consumers can rest assured to buy.