How to make your hair grow faster overnight

By: kabeilu  2017-01-18

1: Scalp Massages. There’re a lot of nerve endings on the Scalp, do Scalp Massages oftenly,can Promote blood circulation, to avoid hair shed and turn white, hair will grow faster. 

2: Hot oil treatment. Hot oil treatment will make your hair looks more luster and soomth, once a month is ok for your hair. 

3: Eat more fruits and veggies. Eat more fruits and veggies that contain alkaline. The reason that the hair get shed or become yellow is because there are acidic toxins in the blood. Which food contained lots of acidic? Like:meat,onion,hepatitis. Oppositly,we should eat more foods like: milk,carrot,spinage,grape,kelp,fig,apple,banana,cherry and etc.

4: Seal in moisture. Suggest can choose some hair care products like hair serum or olive oils to prevent the hair getting dry. 

5:Trim rough ends. Cut your split hair off can let your hair grow more faster. Hair nutrition transport faster, grow faster. 

6: Exercise regularly. Do Exercise regularly not only can make your body get strong, But also can make your hair become glossy. But an important thing is you should wash your hair and make your scalp clean after the campaign.

7: Deep condition. Keep your scalp clean. Wash your hair 2 or 3 tims every weeks would be better for your hair.