The best care products deal with different types of hair

By: yuan  2016-12-21

The best care products deal with different types of hair
How to deal with the type of hair to improve hair quality? Want to improve your hair you must know your hair is what type, such as: fine hair, rough or damaged hair, thin hair ... ...
Hair is like a tree. If you water the roots, the trees will be green and grow normally. In the same way, if you nourish the scalp, then your hair will grow and your hair texture will be improved.

The best hair oil treatment for your hair type
Fine hair
If your hair is very good hair, then you should use pomegranate seed oil, which is rich in punicic acid, pomegranate acid will make the hair strong;
In addition, it also contains antioxidants to increase blood circulation. I suggest you use once a week, you can mix with olive oil.
Rough or damaged hair
Avocado oil can be used, it contains a lot of vitamin E, and contains the highest amount of unsaturated fatty acids, can be a good treatment of dry
and rough hair, reduce the damage; avocado oil with sunscreen effect , Can protect the hair from the sun exposure.
Thin Hair
If your hair is thin and fragile, you can use rosemary, it has a certain role for the restoration of hair health. It is not only aimed at sparse hair,
but also by stimulating the blood and reducing dandruff, by promoting hair growth for bacteria.
Split ends
The recommended use of almond oil, its benefits are many, one of which is the treatment of wave hair. This type of hair is very dry and requires
regular use of almond oil massage to repair the ends of the hair.
Thick Hair
thicker hair than other types of hair, it is difficult to find nourishing and nourishing deep hair oil, and olive is the best choice for treatment of thick
hair; olive with the hair will look more robust, more flash Bright, but also to prevent repair fork.