How to prevent your hair from tangling

By: Mark-42  2016-12-20

 How To Prevent Your Hair From Tangling

In real life,Whether we like it or not (and we don't), our hair, as well as hair extensions , will tangle.It means that You have to spend a lot of time to brush the hair.In this blog post, we'll share the best tips on how to detangle your hair and minimize knots.
1.Comb the hair
We suggest use a wide tooth comb to do comb the hair,trust me! Not only will it remove the tangles more efficiently, but you will also protect your hair from being torn and damaged.And then,don't try to be lazy. make sure you're brushing your hair at least 3 times a day (especially before a shower and before sleeping) this will help keep your hair tangle free without much work.don't try to be lazy.
2.Use conditioner
When you wash your hair don't forger to use hair conditioner,The hair conditioner is excellent for revitalizing dry, lifeless hair,Apply a deep conditioner and protein treatment regularly to help keep hair conditioned and strong,at the same time you can minimize hair knot.
3.Protect your hair while you sleep
This is one of the reasons easy to be overlooked,So brush your hair before going to sleep,This will help minimize knots and tangles in the morning.Secondly use a silk or satin pillow case,This material is a lot less rough on the hair than regular pillowcases, reducing the damage to your hair.It is also important to realize that,Avoid using elastic bands,They can cause hair breakage and put stress on your roots. Instead, use a soft scrunchie and tie your ponytail/bun very lightly at the top of your head.
4.Avoid heat as much as possible
Heat can cause a lot of damage to the hair,And i realized that most of people get used to using hair dryer ,Actually this is not to be advocated.In addition,Some people often dyed hair and perm,that will make your hair become dry and damaged,So we hope you can take care of your hair,and keep your hair less damaged and less tangled.