How to prevent the generation of dandruff

By: yuan  2016-12-20

How to prevent the generation of dandruff
Autumn and winter dry, easy dry itchy skin, but also prone to dandruff. Because the temperature changes, resulting in abnormal scalp metabolism, and produce dandruff, dandruff to prevent the generation of the following steps:
1. Shampoo, do not shampoo directly down on the head. Because the unshaven shampoo will cause irritation to the scalp, the formation of dandruff or increase the emergence of dandruff, so to shampoo and then contact the hair after blistering.
2. With warm water wash your hair, do not use hot water wash your hair. Water overheating will stimulate the secretion of scalp oil, make the first oil more; water temperature so that the pores shrink, the hair can not be cleaned out of the dirt,the application can be used with warm water of 20 ℃.
3. Do not use nails hair, gently massage the scalp with pulp, not only can increase blood circulation, but also reduce the formation of dandruff.
4. Regular replacement of shampoo. Shampoo on the hair is only temporary cleaning, scalp adaptation cycle once passed, it will lose the cleaning effect, it is recommended that two shampoo alternate use.
5. Pay attention to the scalp health. Wash the hair at least 2 to 3 times a week, shampoo, it is not appropriate to use alkaline too strong soap, because the alkaline soap will stimulate the scalp on the cell, resulting in dandruff.
6. Comb your hair with wide teeth. Hair intensity should be light, to avoid pulling the scalp.