How to Fix Fried Hair

By: yuan  2016-12-16

How to Fix Fried Hair:

Are you still worried about your oily hair? Also worried about your break it? The bad hair may be due to inappropriate hair styling, excessive hair coloring and irritating chemicals use, how to remedy your oily hair?
Depth adjustment
One of the basic steps in hair care is conditioning. If you ignore this aspect of hair care, then your hair may face the consequences of damage. Deep conditioning oil and damaged hair are one of the solutions to get rid of the rough texture.
Air dry hair
Excessive dry hair will cause the loss of natural moisture, in order to prevent the formation of such damage to the hair, it is recommended that natural dry hair.
Fatty acid conditioning agent
When you decide to use fatty acids as a conditioning agent, you should cleanse your hair remnants and then treat the hair.
Regular pruning
Getting rid of damaged hair is one of the key ways to eliminate the effects of oily hair; in addition to selecting the right product for your hair, you must also trim the hair on a regular basis.