Moisturize your dry hair

By: W  2016-12-14


Hair become dry owing to lack of amount of natural moisture and addition,exposuring your hair in the sun,washing it excessively will cause hair dry.its important for you to moisture your hair so that you can own healthy and shiny hair.

moisturizing the dry hair way with cosmetic products sometimes is harmful to your hair as it accumulate some youd better mositurize your hair with natural products.

1.keep your hair clean:appling the moisturizer to your hair is in vain if there is much dirt or grime on your hair cuticles.the dirt and grime will prevent it penetrating into the hair cuticles.

2.use moisture/water:plants need plenty of water to keep moisture,so do your hair.water is the best moisturizer for your hair because not only it make your hair soft,convenient to nurse,but also promote your hair to absorb some products better.

3.Natural oil:moisturize your hair with natural oil to massage your scalp once or twice a week.the oil is same to sebum which is a natural hair will make your hair shiny and bright as before.

Olive,coconut,almond oil are high recommended as there are effective and rich in plenty of nutrients,vitamins which are needed by scalp and hair.

After massaging,apply the oil on your hair about half an hour before wash it with moisturizing shampoo.