How to get loose curls

By: yuan  2016-12-10

How to get loose curls
You need the following curly supplies:
Curly iron,  comb,  Shiny spray or serum, Hair spray,  Butterfly Clip
Step 1: De-tangle!
Before handling the hair, you have to start with a fresh hair, you can not clean your hair before handling hair, but be sure to comb all the tangles.
Step 2: Section
To ensure that all hair is curled and does not look cluttered, start with the bottom of the hair and use a clip to clamp it.
Step 3: Take It From The Top
Grasp a small portion of the hair, holding the curled iron and perpendicular to the floor, the hair from the root to the tip has been covered in the
curled iron, the hair can touch the iron after curling.
Note: the end of the hair is the oldest part of the most affected, so the end of contact with the iron time than the hair body to spend a short time.
Step 4: Repeat the steps
Repeat step 3, curling all hair, to ensure that each step curly hair reaches a certain degree of wave.
Step 5: Release the curls
If you have completed the curly hair, then you can pull out and relax the hair. If you have a gloss spray, you can use a spray nozzle, but be sure to
avoid spray contact with the root, otherwise it will make the hair look very greasy.
Step 6:Lock in place
Once you get a loose curl, be sure to focus on both ends using a spray to help keep your loose curls all day long.