Use shampoo 5 wrong steps and solutions

By: yuan  2016-12-08

Use shampoo 5 wrong steps and solutions
Think you know how to wash your hair? Think again! We've discovered five common mistakes.
1. Frequently clean your hair.
Wash your hair every other day is enough, frequent hair washing will lead to hair deterioration;
to occasionally switch shampoo, to prevent the accumulation of certain ingredients.
2. Apply the shampoo in the condition that the hair is not completely moist.
Hair does not have enough water, shampoo can not be a bubble, will lead to waste of shampoo,
in addition to make your hair clean enough; you should shower in the shower under the wet hair,
and shampoo and then apply In your hair.
3. Always apply the shampoo to the same place on the scalp.
You may notice the top of your scalp is dry or flaky.You should try alternating shampoos on every
place on the scalp, try applying foam from your neck's neck back to your head and then move to
the top of the head.
4. Too much friction on the scalp.
In order to avoid damage to the scalp, the right way is to use your fingertips massage your scalp,
not with your fingernails or palm.
5. Rinse the hair with hot water.
The correct way to wash your hair is to use warm water to wash, hot water washing the hair will
lead to scalp and scalded hair.