How to wash your hair

By: yuan  2016-12-06

How to wash your hair?

The method of washing the hair is very simple, but also very easy to lead to the wrong washing methods, how to better washing our hair?
1. Before using any shampoo, use warm water to completely moisten your hair, to ensure that the hair completely washed the stolen goods.
2. Avoid combing your comb with your head, as it is easy to get tangled.
3. Gently treat your hair and massage your scalp with your fingertips.
4. Unless your hair is particularly dirty, otherwise there is no need to foam every shampoo. (Repeated cleaning)
5. Wash your hair not so frequently, not more than 2 times a week, because the oil on your hair is actually beneficial to your hair development.
6. with curly, thick or dry hair of women, should be used with conditioner and other care products used to keep the water in the hair is not lost,because many shampoos contain irritating flowers and supplies, will lead to water loss The hair becomes dry.