Install lace front perfectly

By: W  2016-12-06
For a perfect lace front,you should to do as below.

Hide the natural hair
As usual,most people who have long natural hair hate that the natural hair is uncover by lace you'd better pull your natural hair back then fixed it under wig cap or knit it into short dreadlocks.set the lace wig at the place where the hairline would be if you don't have natural hair.

Fit the skin.
The lace wig should be fit for your skin as properly as possible.dye your hair with the color as tea if your skin is dark.

Treat it carefully.
The lace wig should be treated carefully when you install it,take off and wash it as the material of lace wig are delicate.if you need haircut,do ti professionally.the lace wig will unravel if its not cut correctly.