How to washing your brush

By: yuan  2016-12-05

How to clearn your brush

Daily brush hair brush will accumulate a lot of broken hair, which has become difficult to brush your hair, how to clean your brush in a short time?
1. Use the scissors to cut the hair wrapped around the brush in the direction of the brush;
2. Raise your hair upright, slide the scissors to the bottom of your hair and lift it vertically;
continue this step and know that all the hair remaining in the brush is removed.
3. Even if most of the hair is removed, still dander and ash layer, with warm water and shampoo
mixing mixing in the sink, the brush into the immersion.
4. With a toothbrush, brush up and brush your brush up and down each row, as well as all the tops.
5. The brush on a dry tissue paper to dry the water can be.
Tip: Do not use a comb or other brush to remove the hair on the brush, this will damage your brush.