Brushing Your Hair wrong

By: yuan  2016-12-05

Brushing Your Hair wrong
How to adjust your healthy hair technology.
Cleaning the hair is like washing our hands as natural, but the cleaning head but also pay attention to technology, as we do the same coffee, how to punch to drink.
1. Brush hair from the root to the tip.
The way to avoid hair damage is to start from the hair tail a few inches to comb, remove tangles, and finally from combing all the hair.
2 Wipe the hair when wet.
Hair fiber is full of moisture, the hair is still in the wet state of the strand is relatively weak, easy to break.
3. Brush the hair with a paddle brush.
The paddle brush is too dazzling, whether it is dry or wet. You want to use a wide tooth comb, but first apply the unwrapped product.
Use a spray of fine hair, a medium thickness emulsion and thick or thick hair cream. Hair will slip, the comb will pass directly.
4. Brush too much.
Grasp the number of hair brush, excessive number of times will lead to hair damage, to focus on the elimination of tangles.
5.Using the wrong brush.
It may also be the equipment you're using that's problem. Natural boar bristle brushes are much gentler on hair than brushes made
with synthetic bristles, and they're better at distributing your hair's natural oils through the mid-lengths and ends.
6. Use a dirty brush.
Just as you usually wash your makeup brush, you should also wash your hair brush once a week. If you do not wash your brush, you will
find the brush you use the next day For fresh hair, you are actually applying the product residue from the previous day.
7. Use a brush to cause static electricity.
Frequent brushing can also cause static friction. Brush hair before the first spray with a spray on the brush, or between your fingers
a few drops of hair oil, and then through the hair to avoid hair dry fracture.