Knowledge about full lace wigs and lace front wigs

By: W  2016-12-02

Nowadays,many people use wig for its easy to make new look right away and can bring a lot of benefits.sometimes,they also style wig just they like and add the volume to the hair.there are many sorts and wide ranges of wigs in the market over the world.people often have trouble in buying the wigs because they are puzzled about the full lace wig and lace front wig.both of them are different and lace closures are very useful in society.

Full lace wig.

The full lace wig play a important characters in drama.its made of 100% virgin human hair and a lace cap that covers the whole head. Remy lace wigs often can let the hair grow underneath and adjust the head size as it has a strip of stretch lace on the top.

Lace front wig

lace front are so practical and efficacious with no harmful chemical material that its safer and easy to install and remove than other hair bundles.the front lace has about 2-3 inches wide,the back of the wig is same as the widespread wig,the wefts of the hair are sewed by special machine then sewn into strips of fabric and net.

lace front wig usually install at the front of you head with the straps that can be tautened at the back and combs at the sides to set them firmly to the head.the price of lace front wig depend on different type hair and the length.