About lace closure and silk base closure

By: W  2016-12-01

Lace closure:

A lace closure has one lace layer to link the hair.sometime,it is made of swiss lace  which has quite thin mesh.keep it in mind that the thicker mesh is,the cheaper closure you have got.the closures have baby hair at the front of hair to make your hair more natural when you install it.besides,it has bleached knot so that the hair below is invisible.good lace closures usually have about t inchees to 7 inches base.if its size of base less than 5 inches mean its cheaper and cover less zone.in order to keep the mesh from destroying,the edges are strengthened.
Silk base closures:
Silk base closures have three layers.the counterfeit scalp is in the first layer.next is lace and the third is silk.the silk base closures in KBL are firm and made of swiss lace that has 3 mesh with 180 density.because the knots are located between the lace and the lace,it has not hair on the bottom of silk.the silk is thin so that you will feel its comfortable when you install it.
The both of lace closures in kbl are made of virgin human hair,but the density of the closures are different.