Maintain your hair after dyeing

By: W  2016-11-30

Recent years,people are willing to sytle they hair by dyeing the hair by themselves.however,as time goes by,it will not only easy to keep the shiny like before,but also difficult to keep the color we are going to share the experience how to maintain the dyed hair.

First at all,we should have a deep understand about the nature of dying hair.the alkaline constituent in cream rinses will open the surface layer of hair cuticle when we use the cream rinses to dye hair.then the artificial color will go into the hair cortex layer and mix with the natural color of your last,the color what you want will be dyed out.

You should not dry the hair after addtion,you'd better use the mild shampoo and the hair conditioner with less alkaline or even not. the professional hair care product of dyeing can help artifical colors to mix with natural color thoroughly and steady so that the color last for long time,besides,air dry or dry with cool wind is the best to dry your hair because the heat of hair blower will make the hair color fade quickly.its improtant for you to put some hair conditioner on the hair first if you have to use the hair dryer.