How to choose the shampoo that suits your hair

By: yuan  2016-11-29

How to choose the shampoo that suits your hair?
Choose the right shampoo You have to know your scalp type, and the environment on your hair; choose the right shampoo is a very important skill on the hair, shampoo bottle design
should never choose a Shampoo, the wrong choice may cause your hair to deteriorate.
What is your scalp type?
If you do not know your scalp type, even if you try how much shampoo for your hair, it may be futile, the hair can not absorb nutrients, like your car is not in the same movement of gasoline.
Hair type:
1.Oily hair
If you are oily hair can choose to control the oil series of shampoo, although the shampoo can not cure oily hair, but can control your shampoo oil production of sebum production,
sebum production normalization.
Dry hair If your hair is too dry, then you must be on your hair for oil input, using a special type of hair for the dry hair moisturizing shampoo, nourish the hair and lock the water.
2.Sparse hair
If your hair has just started to thinning hair loss, you can choose to contain hair shampoo material to resist hair loss, improve scalp circulation, reduce sebum production.
3.Normal hair
If your hair is normal type, then you are lucky, but you should pay attention to the natural cycle, pay attention to seasonal changes, according to changes in the situation to replace the shampoo, if prolonged use of the same shampoo may damage your hair.