Maintain the thick healthy hair thick four skills

By: yuan  2016-11-29

Maintain the thick healthy hair thick four skills:
1.Keep your hair loose when you touch your hair at any time. Relaxed hair helps hair growth, targeted use of shampoo, hair care in the use of high-quality care products.
2.Limit your use of direct heating. Hair curls are used to curl hair, to reduce hair dryer, iron or other forms of direct heat on the hair, direct heat is a regular hair damage caused by a factor, resulting in hair thinning.
3.Avoid hair when relaxing. Avoid touching your newly-grown virgin hair and relaxing cream, try not to overlap; avoid over-processing your hair and keep your hair relaxed;avoid sleeping on your hair;
4.Practice healthy living. Proper diet, nutrition, health is generally reflected in your hair, if you find your hair becomes too thin, there may be missing nutrition,you can drink plenty of water, exercise, and more vitamin supplements to improve hair thinning.