Stay the texture same after washing hair extension

By: W  2016-11-29

We sometime have doubt about the pattern cant keep wave and curly like before afer washing the hair.but some people can deal with this problem by themselves and make the hair style as usual.As a matter of fact,the reason why they can stay the texture same as before is they can take good care on their let we tell you the method about keeping the wave and curl after washing.

1.when we find the curly hair become straighter or looser than before after washing,use the towel to dry the hair gently.dont dry your hair rudely and strongly as the hairs cuticle is open so its easy to break the hair when the hair is in wet conditon.

2.use cold wind or let the hair dry in the air naturally when waster dont drop from the hair.dont dry your hair thoroughtly, and be ready to get some hair care oil and knead it.

3.put the hair oil on your hair when its evenly on your hand.then comb through your hair with your fingers from end to top.the more evenly you put the oil to your hair,the texture will be more beautiful.

4.after apply the hair oil on your hair,Then use the properly hair spray to fix the wavy or curly hair.

5.dry your hair completely but dont blow it its key to blow your hair with a wavy or curly hair dryer.

6.avoid your hair from tangling and shedding,remember to condition your hair once two weeks.