Hair thinner reasons

By: yuan  2016-11-28

Hair thinner for many reasons. It may be that your hair is relatively sparse or your hair is experiencing hair loss.Common causes of hair loss:

1.Shampoo If your shampoo is not suitable for your own hair, or your shampoo originally contains harmful ingredients, such as sodium sulfate, this chemical is a factor leading to hair loss.

2. Lack of copper. Lack of copper can lead to hair thinning and other symptoms such as fatigue.Lack of this mineral is common, as it may be difficult to absorb.

3. Hypothyroidism. Is one of the most common symptoms of hair becoming thinner.

4. Lack of vitamin D, hair loss is one of the main symptoms of vitamin D deficiency.

5. Hormone imbalance, hormonal balance, such as estrogen can lead to hair loss.

6. Pressure. As cortisol levels increase, stress can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.