How to get rid of white hair

By: yuan  2016-11-26

How to get rid of white hair
Long white hair with our daily lives, how to get rid of the growth of white hair, the following suggestions.
1.Eat more healthy eating daily diet, a balanced diet on the health of the hair played a huge role in ensuring that your body get nutrition at the same time,but also to supplement my hair nutrition.
2.Avoid the use of poor-quality hair products, poor quality hair products are full of chemicals, the wrong use of poor-quality hair products will
make hair dry, weaken the hair of the root step, more likely to lead to white hair growth.
3. Regularly to their own head massage, head massage oil to help the blood flow to the scalp, the hair healthy growth.
4. If the head has grown a lot of hair, the head of the white hair should be stained, it is recommended to use professional hair products,
find professional hair stylist to help stain.