How to take care of hair scalding

By: yuan  2016-11-25

How to take care of hair scalding?
Many women like to roll hot hair, roll hot hair even more dynamic, but the number of too many hot scalding will affect the hair, serious hair tail will be yellow, there bifurcation, hair easy to break.

Volume hot hair care methods:
1. If it is blanching, perm the use of a professional when the perm and find a professional hair stylist to roll hot.
2. When cleaning hair, use for hair special shampoo.
3. After cleaning the hair with a special curly hair conditioner for care.
4. Hair 7 into a dry time to use elastic force to catch the waves.
5. Dry hair must use essential oils.
6. As far as possible not to use the hair dryer for hair blowing style.
7. Curly hair do not repeat the hot, hair tail to be trimmed regularly to avoid breaking the hair.