Treatment for hair growth at home

By: W  2016-11-25

1.massaging your scalp about five minutes once a day can help circulation and irritate your hair growth faster than will get the effective results after following this.

2.our hair is composed of keratin protein and the key source of proteins come from eat eggs can increase the shine of hair and make them stronger.

3.lemon are contains of rich vitamin C and other important nutrients which make your hair shiny,smooth and dandruff-free.

4.Rosemary also is an wonderful herb which increa the length of hair,strengthens the root and clear your hair dandruff.

All of this needs patience and time-consuming if you want to have treatment for hiar growth at home.but its possible that increase your hair length instantly,you can get the hair extensions form KBL to deal with the problem of your hair length.

At the present time,a large amount of hair extensions are offered to clients,you may condider many thing about the clip-in extensions and tape-in extensions if you want to get addition,install different hair extensions have different techniques and procedures.