5 steps to let hair damage signs

By: yuan  2016-11-24

5 steps to let hair damage signs
1.The segment ends
Will your curl be picky? If you notice that your hair begins to split immediately after the pruning, it will make your hair becomes very fragile,
and easy to fall off; hair break is usually a month or two after the start of pruning.
2. Texture
You can try to put a small part of your hair in a string, if a single hair from the root to the end there is a clear difference between the smooth,
then your hair is likely to face fracture; you can use protein and vitamins treatment.
3. Porosity
The high and long head method indicates that your head cuticle is damaged, causing your curls to not absorb and retain moisture and become dry and fragile;
you can try to tighten the stratum corneum and use a premium care product for your treatment.
4. Matte head method
If you use hair conditioner for hair care still feel the hair will be entangled, prove that your hair has been damaged.
5. Lack and destruction
When you comb your hair or be able to brush your hair, find your hair off, prove that your hair is likely to be damaged.
Healthy Hair:
Healthy hair, when it is wet, you gently stretch it, the elasticity of each tress is normal; if stretched too much, and then stuck or pop, your hair may be lack of protein.
On the other hand, if you try to stretch immediately when the pop-up means that your hair may be too dry, lack of moisture.