How to care make the hair softer

By: yuan  2016-11-22

How to Care Make the hair softer
Wearing and hair weaving is the choice of black women who have thin hair and pursue beauty. Hair weaving can turn short hair into long hair, which can quickly change their appearance to make them look more beautiful and more special if your hair Extend the rough, want to have a supple hair extension, then you need: in daily life using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, regular hair care; after shampoo with a towel to wipe excess moisture, let the hair to keep dry naturally, as far as possible Do not use the hair dryer; hair dry hair oil to use to nourish the hair; reduce the number of hair and perm; sleep when the hair wrapped in a towel and then lie down to prevent hair deformation and knotting; comb more comb hair, make hair more supple , To reduce the hair fracture.