The five steps of curly hair cleaning

By: yuan  2016-11-19

The five steps of curling hair cleaning
1. Soaked in warm water, apply moisturizing hair shampoo gently hair bubbles.
2. Finger lightly or comb your hair with your thumb, wash with water.
3. Light conditioner, 2-3 minutes after the water wash.
4. Natural air-dry or wipe with a good absorbent towel.
5. Hair 7 into a dry use of elastin to pull out the volume of the curl
1. Hair itself is not straight hair supple, take care of more trouble in the choice of shampoo should choose a relatively moisturizing or protective shampoo.
2. Wash the hair before the first comb, to avoid the hair in the cleaning winding, knotting situation.
3. Hair 7 into the officer to use the elastic element to grasp the volume of curly hair, so that the degree of volume is more flexible, beautiful.